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TBOS-Character Sheet - Kali by BardicKitty TBOS-Character Sheet - Kali by BardicKitty
My character sheet for :icontbos-oct:

Audition story: [link]
Round 1 entry: [link]

Shaded image 1 - [link] (3 left most)
Shaded image 2 - [link] (green & Purple dress)
Shaded image 3 - [link]


Name: Kali
Age: 21
Chosen by: Mudd
Gift Description: A broom with the Function of Flight

Physical Description
Height: 5' 2
Gender: Female
Skin Color: bit on the pale side, smooth and soft
Eye Color: dark-ish blue
Hair: Long and black with asymmetrically cut bangs. It is thick, has a slight natural wave to it, and goes down to around her waist.
Additional Info: Kali has a mark on the left side of her neck in the shape of a crescent moon. It is silver in color and something that she was born with. However, it is now crisscrossed with scars. (more info in History)

Kali is very confident and sure of herself. Sometimes to the point of seeming cocky. She knows she's attractive and isn't afraid to use that and a bit of shameless flirting to get what she wants. Which is not to say that she's easy. Flirting and going home with someone are completely different kettles of fish. Her confidence comes from a very strong sense of what she is capable of. She knows her skills and her strengths, but she also knows her weaknesses. And she is not afraid to execute a tactical retreat-- aka run the heck away-- if she is faced with a situation that she knows she can not handle on her own.

She also has a love of clothing that manifests itself in her constantly keeping a large selection of dresses and skirts and the like on hand so that she can change 'to fit the situation' if she so decides. She has a love of long dresses and skirts that still show off her legs and her thigh-high boots she always wears; billowing sleeves or no sleeves at all; low cut necklines without getting -too- ridiculous; and so far as color goes, she loves darker shades and cool colors mostly, but will occasionally see the need for brighter colors. Like in her festival garb.

Kali's story has a very sad start to it that she doesn't really like to talk about. She has a magical affinity with the moon, which left her with a crescent shaped, silver mark upon the left side of her neck. Unfortunately-- and possibly related, though there is no real proof either way-- her mother died shortly after the birth. She lived just long enough to hold the baby girl in her arms and utter her name.

Kali's father did not take the loss well at all, and as tends to happen, he turned to the bottle for solace. The only reason she survived out of infancy was due to the kindness of the midwife who had seen over the birth. Once she was old enough to eat and get about on her own, however, she was left in her father's care once more. He blamed his daughter for the death of his wife and she saw no end to the scorn and hatred he held for her and her 'strangeness' as he called it. The way she seemed always more alive and well during the nighttime hours. The way that she seemed to need less sleep than was natural. And just certain other oddities about her.

Upon the seventh year anniversary of Kali's birth and her mother's death, the man was in more a rage than she had ever seen him. In her fear of him and inexplicable concern for him, she tried to take away the drink that she knew caused the worst of his ravings. In retaliation, her father beat her, screaming that she was possessed and blaming her for her mother's death. In his rage, his eyes fell across the mark upon her neck and he snatched up a kitchen knife, intending to rid her of the evil that caused him such misery.

His shouts and her shrieks of pain brought the neighbor's running and only due to the skill and magic of the local healer was the girl alive after the attempt to cut the crescent moon symbol from the side of her neck. After this incident, the villagers agreed that she could not live with her father any longer. But of course none of them wanted the burden of another mouth to feed. So she was carted to the nearest city, where they left her in an orphanage.

She remained there the rest of her child years, and upon her thirteenth birthday her powers as a Witch manifested and she began her three years of training with a wandering Seer. Upon finishing her training, she fell into the same nomadic life that her mentor had led, for it suited her just fine to 'follow the path of the moon in the sky' and never stay still for long.

Only about a year ago, she met a warrior named Gabriel. A man who was tormented by a past more gruesome than her own, from a family of self proclaimed 'death knights' who ruled their little corner of the world with an iron fist and an even harder heart. He was an outcast from his family, seeing the pain they caused and wishing to fight for more just reasons. For some reason, he was the first person she felt any real connection to, and after helping him with a quest of his own, the two began to grow even closer every time she made her way back to the manor of the lord who had taken Gabriel in. Which happened more and more often over the course of that year.

Kali is a Witch and thus she has both magical abilities of a moderate strength and some specialized abilities based upon her particular breed of Witch Magic. As a Seer, Kali has innate abilities that have to do with foreknowledge, premonitions, and a connection to the spirit world. Thus she is skilled at scrying and the often unreliable art of 'fortune telling' as well as being able to call upon spirits to protect her in combat. Though the latter is very exhausting and can not be done often or for long periods of time.

She can also walk the spirit world, which is directly related to the material. This allows her spirit to leave her body and move through the world to gather information or get into places she otherwise would not be able to. When she does this, her body is left behind as an empty husk. Her eyes glaze over, her skin grows cold as ice, and at a casual glance one would assume her quite dead since she barely breathes at all. Thus, it is very important that she is careful where she leaves her body.

On top of these innate abilities, she has also studied a variety of combat spells and a bit of healing.

She couples this magical power with a physical strength and endurance that came from always having to watch out for herself, and a martial prowess that is less than a real soldier's but enough to keep her alive. Though Gabriel has been working with her to improve her skill with her weapon.

Her affinity with the moon also gives her an edge at night. While she does not have perfect darkvision or anything of the sort, she does see more clearly than a normal human during the night. She needs less sleep than most people do and she simply functions better in almost every way after the sun goes down. Not to a superhuman extent or anything, just better.

Items of note:

Wide brimmed (witch's) hat -- this simple, pointed black hat has it's very important purpose in Kali's eyes. It keeps that basted ball of burning gas (the sun) from being all in her face when she's moving about during the day. Once the threat is gone, however, the hat generally disappears quickly back into her pack.

Enchanted Pack -- This simple 'backpack' is enchanted and accesses an extra dimensional space that allows her to store a considerably large amount of adventuring gear, clothing, and whatever else she feels like she might want or need. Thus, it is very difficult for her to find herself in a situation where she doesn't have something that'll at least help, if not fully fix the problem.

Crystalline Sickle -- Her weapon of choice is the sickle. Something about it's crescent like shape draws her. This particular blade was rather a costly acquisition and is, of course, magically enhanced as well.

Moon Pendant -- Really, it's just a trinket that she picked up somewhere along the way. But it helps remind her
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DigiDayDreamer Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011
Neat, simplistic character design here. :) However, I've read through both of your rounds, and from what I can gleam of the witch sight, which isn't mentioned here, I guess Kali can use it to view people's souls or lack of them. What exactly can she gleam from them? Like, can she tell if a man has a woman's soul or something similar? Or maybe see a human soul despite the appearance of a monster?

Also, what's her sexual orientation?
BardicKitty Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
.... well what do you know... ^_^() Thanks for pointing out that it wasn't included. I really had thought I touched on it. You seem to have a pretty good judge of it, though. I'm not sure I ever considered whether it would show the gender of a soul, so I give you reign to play with that as you see fit, but she should be able to pick out a soul as being human certainly. Also it gives her a basic idea of what kind of strengths a person has-- like if they're a highly trained warrior or a powerful magic user than she would be able to tell.

As for sexual orientation, she's pretty straight. If she were ever 'hit on' (I'm very tired and in a hurry and can't think of a better term) by a woman, though, she would still probably be flattered and respond kindly in turning her down.

I hope this helps, and thanks again for pointing out that I hadn't explained the Witch Sight.
DigiDayDreamer Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011
Ah, strengths, huh? That's an interesting trait to consider.

And thanks for the answers, it helped me a fair deal. :) And if you have any questions about my characters, feel free to ask back.
BardicKitty Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad that I was able to give you useful information. Unfortunately I have been busy and will be even more so over the next month. >< Thus far I've only had time to go through your character bios and the first part of your audition... I find the concept very interesting and can't wait to squeeze in some time to read the rest, which I will hopefully do over the next couple of days. Will definitely let you know if I have any questions.
SkysongMA Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011  Student Writer
This is a pretty sweet character design. :)
BardicKitty Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much. ^_^ It was a lot of fun to play with and finalize her design.
liturgy-fio Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
Kali, much too hot to handle...proceed with caution. :)
BardicKitty Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
XD Thankies much. And yeah, she's a bit difficult if you don't know how to handle her. >X3
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